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  1. Installing Mosquitto with Websockets and Mosquitto-Auth-Plugin

    Updated to reflect all issues with SSL and Websockets See bottom of post. Installing a version of mosquitto with websockets support And mosquitto-auth-plugin Prerequisits pkg install mosquitto mysql57-client c-ares gmake libxslt python27 python2 c-ares cmake docbook-xsl openssl git cp /usr/local/openssl/openssl.cnf.sample /usr/local/openssl/openssl.cnf…

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  2. Geli only ZFS boot Freebsd 11-Current

    Ya, This doesn't work any more. The freebsd gpt Bootloader can now quite easily boot of geliencrypted ZFS pools. These instructions are quite terse. Install using the latest 11-Current ISO, When choosing disk-layout choose auto root on ZFS with encryption. Remove all GELI_* entries and change geom_eli_passphrase_prompt=…

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  3. Graphite on FreeBSD 11

    Deciding on being insane. Software: nginx-devel graphite-web uwsgi collectd5 I installed everything in a jail (except collectd) It worked very nicely but took forever (not because of jail, it just takes forever). I worked from the slightly out of date instructions at http://www.flagword.net/2014/01/installing-and-configuring-graphite-with-collectd-on-freebsd/ Install…

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