• FreeBSD
  • VerneMQ
  • MQTT

Super Simple ;)

  • Install Dependencies, clone the VerneMQ repository and start the build
pkg install git gmake erlang
git clone https://github.com/erlio/vernemq.git
cd ~/vernemq/
gmake rel

This fails after some building.

  • Fix 2 source files

vi ~/vernemq/_build/default/lib/eleveldb/rebar.config

-             {compile, "make -C c_src"}]}.
+             {compile, "gmake -C c_src"}]}.

vi ~/vernemq/apps/vmq_passwd/rebar.config

-              {"(freebsd)", compile, "make -C c_src CC=cc"}]}.
+              {"(freebsd)", compile, "gmake -C c_src CC=cc"}]}.
  • Build again
gmake rel

The binaries built can now be found at cd ~/vernemq/_build/default/rel/vernemq/bin

Tada, The standard etc files and such can be found under ~/vernemq/_build/default/rel/vernemq/