Freebsd, my old friend


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After using docker on Ubuntu for a while I came to realize I want more from an OS. I went back to my trusty old friend Freebsd. And it’s like coming home again.

I started using Freebsd in 2004 on my laptop. And then on a home-server. A couple of years ago i decided i didn’t need a server so it was decommissioned. I changed my mind this month after trying out docker on a cloud-server. So i went out and bought a new lab-server for home use. Freebsd 11-Current install was super-easy. Recompiling kernel (without debug..) and world also super-easy just as I remembered it.

I went slightly overboard with Hardware for the server but i think i got a good-ish deal. HP DL160 G6 with 2xL5640 six core Xeon 2.26Ghz, 132Gb DDR3 Ram and an 240gb Crucial SSD. For approx $600 delivered. I did some ghetto-modding also, removing most of the noisy fans. Ended up wiring the PWM-signal from one fan to all the other fan-headers.